RS #1 Jim Coble

Reconstruction Study #1 – Collaborators Chris Evans, David Boyce, and Byb Chanel Bibene examine themes of displacement, double consciousness, grief and ultimately the liberatory potential of rage. The piece is inspired by a story passed down to David from his great uncle about a family relative named Jim Coble. Sometime around 1910 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Jim Coble killed 10 white people in the town’s general store. Alluding the inevitable posse that ended for so many in lynching, Coble and his family escaped to Mexico where David still has relatives.

David is continuing work on this story by developing a screenplay about Jim Coble. Here’s David’s telling.

Reconstruction Study #1A showed at Amara Tabor Smith’s Fleshing It (in) OUT, at Red Poppy Art House and a full length version of the piece premiered at the Black Choreographers Festival, February 2016.


Photos by Jeramy DeCristo