The Reconstruction Study Project directed by Chris Evans began in 2015 as a music collaboration between David Boyce and Chris Evans on the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War and the beginning of the Reconstruction period. The first study, RS #1 grew out of a story David’s great uncle told him, about a family member named Jim Coble. The story planted the question – what is the liberatory potential of rage? The studies that followed (RS #1A, RS #2, RS#3, Rs#4) explore rage and grief, hidden stories of Reconstruction, displacement, the “scientific” narratives of mixed and Black identity, and invisibilized forms of resistence.

The project begins with the premise that we in America are born, in the words of Lillian Smith, onto a “Trembling Earth,” a trembling that began with the first violence done to the First Peoples.

Photos by Kimara Dixon

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